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feeling thunder

The Word Whisperer.
AKA Kelsey Whipple.
AKA my copywriter.


Winston the Whale

Leonardo Da Vinci's letter
to the ruler of Milan

a slice of Drunken
Wonka pie


Magnolia Ave,
Fort Worth

the relationship between epigenetics,
quantum physics, and attitude

scones, dammit

the word "unsuspecting"

local improv @ local distillery

a 15 hour road trip with no speeding ticket

Cat Stevens

cows as pets

Stevie the 15 year old, blind, two-toothed, three-legged poodle/chihuahua

Andrea Bocceli

the Petrified Forest

reading books

smelling books

Sony's Color Like No Other

Community Mosaic IPA

Captain Fantastic

the window seat

"The Wisdom of Insecurity"

extra sauce

Heironymous Bosch

to be continued


Mison and Fargunkel