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Atelier des Fleurs is a collection of nine distinct fragrances, designed so customers can create their own "olfactory bouquet."

However, customer comments reveal that they are more overwhelmed than excited by the many options.


Without using the sense of scent, design a website that immerses customers in the distinct beauty that each bottle contains - from the scent to the memory of the perfumer.



The personality of each fragrance is captured in an ice sculpture.

The ice represents the Perfumer's childhood memory that inspired the fragrance, a memory that is now immortalized in a crystal bottle.

The contents arranged in the ice are a literal representation of the aromas that build each fragrance.

Color played an integral role in giving each fragrance a distinct voice while still maintaining a cohesive design that brands the collection.


Each ice sculpture was delicately created by hand with fingers-crossed that it would work out.

Art Direction

Jayne Goodall


Kelsey Button